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2 years ago



I have written some of my experiences as a representative of the appliances, it is an unexpected experience with a woman who had several times before shit. I Jean called and made an appointment with her at night, I expected a couple of drinks at a quiet pub out of the way I knew to stick milfmovs with a good fuck. No I have! I met Jean agreed, but found his mother with her! I could see in Jean, Jeannie or as they call it, has the aspect of his mother, Kate, was a beautiful woman with a good figure for her age. He was fifty, one milfmovs or two pounds overweight, but perhaps, as her daughter, a sexy -looking woman. Jean, when we were on our own, while her mother was going to spend a penny, he told milfmovs me not to worry, it will still be able to catch, he said. We had our drinks, the women's doubles, and the conversation was much more freely. To begin with Jeannie had introduced me to his mother, his lover! Cath smiled approvingly, she said she could see why his mostnobody believes me. However, we left the bar and Cath said he returned to his seat, her husband was away, so I went there and soon we were sitting with another drink. Jeannie came and sat on my lap, I realized that I was really in the mood, how about until she could feel my cock between her legs twisting of the spine. They started to kiss me and then opened her blouse. He wore a sheer bra and I could see her nipples already erect. I reached into her bra and began to fondle her nipples. left my penis to harden and smiled, " Come on, honey," she whispered, pulling her blouse and bra. I kissed and sucked her nipples, it was always something she has to go. Her legs apart so relaxed and slid my hand under her skirt and felt through her ​​panties, she moaned and I started Cath smiled while watching "Come, my love," milfmovs Jeanie complained. "I want to fuck " slipped to remove from my legs and took off her skirt off her shoes. I kneltin front of her and pulled her panties down and out. her bush with her chubby little patch of blond hair seemed so attractive as usual. She took me to my feet and threw me when I showed my erect penis could see Cath with a good view. Jeanie knelt down and took my cock in her mouth, I saw Cath, she had her hand under her skirt. Jeanie sucked my cock until I was almost there, she was a woman with experience and knew milfmovs that by eliminating the cock from her mouth and lay on the carpet, legs supported on the side. Her pussy was swollen, bright red, oozing juice love your channel. I went to them and makes my cock in her pussy very smart and started fucking. She took hold of me, knelt down every last fraction of an inch to go I looked up, Cath was open her legs and pulled her panties aside so she could masturbate while looking to fuck her daughter. It inspired me to fuck me hard Jeanie advocated forced me and rammed his sloppedand was wet pussy juices all milfmovs our Ocero both thighs and abdomen. God was a simple demon, who wanted so much and wanted to enjoy the result. Always did, of course, but I wondered if knowing that his milfmovs mother milfmovs saw him even more fun than usual, no doubt Got Me Going. So much so, in fact, that I was much faster than usual, complained : "I come, I come !" And then it 's turn to cry wa Jeanie injection as it was called "wild deeply felt in her pussy she resisted and pulled under me when I filled with my sperm. then dropped. After returning I was there Jeanie rool wide with bold pussy, my cock was bright red with streaks of sperm everywhere. Cath, I saw once more, her skirt was around her waist as she sat in her chair, pulled her panties aside and shows a large, hairy pussy open. she looked at me : "I would While a bit, " he said, rubbing her clit for me," I do not understand anything orff thse days old my men. "" If you can be hard milfmov
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